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‘ARMAGEDDON!’ Establishment Will Do Anything to Make Sure Trump Loses- Pollster

Washington Insiders Plot to Stop Trump

POLITICS- If you thought the Presidential race has been nasty so far, you ain’t seen nothing yet. One legendary pollster believes the establishment will launch a no holds barred effort to stop Donald Trump from becoming the next president.

“You’re going to see … just how much the establishment order will fight to hold onto its power and privilege at all costs,” said Pat Caddell on the SiriusXM radio program Breitbart News Daily.
Caddell who served as a consultant during Jimmy Carter’s winning 1976 presidential campaign as well as Joe Biden, said the possibility of a Trump win is unhinging Washington. Many of those in the “establishment” see the billionaire as a threat to their power.

“This is an election where the American people have bolted,” Caddell, said. “They want control back of their government, and they are very anti-establishment and political class. That’s why you see such a united effort by the Democrats and Republicans in the establishmen…

City Council Members Kaepernick Pledge

DRUG CITY! Blaz, Council Looking into Letting Heroin Addicts Have Places to Shoot UP in Midst of Heroin Epidemic

NYC to Provide Sites for Heroin Addicts to Shoot Up
HEALTH- In the midst of a full blown heroin epidemic plaguing NYC, the DeBlasio Administration and the City Council are launching a study to create safe “shooting” sites where addicts can shoot up, Politico is reporting.

The Council is allocating $100,000 to study creating such places where heroin addicts can shoot up under medical supervision.
“The Council’s new supervised injection impact study will assess the feasibility and impact of New York City having a program that provides a safe, clean haven to high-risk, vulnerable New Yorkers and will help prevent drug overdoses and disease transmissions,” Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito said.
Although Council members are claiming the program will curb the spread of Hepatitis B, the claims ring hollow for critics. This is the same City Council which has been decriminalizing many quality of life of crimes including urinating in the street and pan handling. There has also been a push to focus les…

Jon Voight: Hollywood’s Drunk the Kool-Aid! Hillary has Blood on Her Hands

Jon Voight Defends Trump, Bashes Hollywood

POLITICS- Actor Jon Voight took a shot at Hollywood saying his fellow actors have drank the Kool-Aid in their support of Hillary Clinton who he said has “blood on her hands.”
Appearing on “Your World with Neil Cavuto” the father of Angelina Joli attacked the Hollywood block support for Clinton.
“They're buying the Kool-Aid,” Voight said. “They are buying whatever Democratic Party puts out... They don’t have much reputation for the truth. But the people in Hollywood on the left are loyal to Hillary.”
The “Ray Donovan” star saved his harshest criticism for Clinton
Donald Trump doesn’t have blood on his hands as does Hillary. Remember Benghazi,” Voight said.
But things got a little testy when Cavuto asked him to comment on his daughter’s filing for divorce from husband Brad Pitt.
“Neil I’m not going to answer that,” he said.

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Why Trump Won Regardless of What the Press Says

Donald Trump Won the Presidential Debate
POLITICS- Crazy Uncle Donald did not show up last night talking about foreigners, government conspiracies or women problems. Instead Trump showed restraint and blew Hillary’s game plan to hell.
Despite media reports saying Hillary won and supporters screaming that he blew it by not hammering her on the emails, Clinton Foundation, etc, Trump shredded Hillary’s game plan. He did not blow up. He did call her Crooked Hillary. He did not go on about his hands and other things. He did not make wild faces or even open ended sarcasm that could be interpreted as something sinister: Putin should hack Clinton to find her emails for one.

Instead Trump threw Hillary a curve ball. He looked like a serious candidate for the Presidency. Regardless of whether you agree with his policies or not Trump showed something that voters were able to take away with. He walked into Hillary’s sandbox with all of her friends in the media and stood toe to toe fighting her fight…

Lester Debates Trump

Moderator Went From Candy Crowley to Megyn Kelly During Course of the Debate

POLITICS- The most amazing transformation during the debate did not come from Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton- it came from the moderator. 
Before viewers eyes Lester Holt went from a no-nonsense moderator such as Jim Lehrer, to running interference for the Dem, shades of Candy Crowley, to straight up Megyn Kelly in attacking Trump on his sexism.

Click here to see a break down of Lester’s strange performance.  

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Is Stop and Frisk Unconstitutional?

Presidential Debate: Trump vs Cliton: WHO WON?

POLITICS- So who won? Trump didn’t look crazy. Hillary didn’t pass out from pneumonia.  So no major outside issue determined the winner. It was a debate about issues, personalities, birtherism, sexism, cronyism, cowardism AND “Bibi’s not a Happy Camper.”
Trump was braggadocios or was he? Depends on who you ask. Hillary attacked to get under his skin but was she effective? 
Who scored?
Which issue resonated the most for you?

Comment below.
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Crooked Pols Can Breathe Easier

Legendary Political Guru Dicker Leaving NY Post

POLITICS- Fred Dicker, the legendary political columnist who got the dirt from Albany is leaving the NY Post.

No word on why but sources say he and the Post are departing on good terms.

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Press Obsessed with Bridge Gate. Feds Targeting Cuomo Aides Not So Much

Snarled Traffic More Important than Alleged Open Air Corruption in Albany

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POLITICS- Slow traffic on the GWB is more important than $315,000 ‘ziti,’ to the press. As the lone gunslinger in the Federal government looking to root out corruption, Preet Bharara  has set his sights on Albany and is already taking down a former Cuomo aide.
As press reports and front covers blare news about the Bridge Gate trial, little is being made of scandal appearing to be consuming New York’s state capital. 
In a press conference, US Attorney Preet Bharara essentially said he was going to war with Albany. That corruption was so out of control and so out in the open he wants a trial.
“Companies got rich, and the public got bamboozled,” Bharara said. “I do hope there’s a trial in this case, so that all New Yorkers can see, in gory detail, what their state government has been up to.”
And Bharara has the scalps to prove it. Just ask former power brokers Sheldon Si…

EXPOSED WEINER: Carlos in Danger as Feds Sniff Around

Feds Subpoena Anthony Weiner, Could Face Charges

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POLITICS- Looks like Carlos is in Danger. Feds want to see Weiner’s phone. The latest twist in the sexting saga could expose Anthony Weiner to federal charges with an underage girl.
A subpoena for Weiner’s cell phone and other records have been issued following claims that the former Congressman sexted with an underage girl.
Mayor Bill DeBlasio said the disgraced pol’s scandal exposed Weiner.
“Anthony has a real problem that needs treatment,” DeBlasio said.

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