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Alex Jones of Infowars Destroyed Evidence Related to Sandy Hook Suits, Motion Says

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Justice Dept. Backs Suit Accusing Facebook of Violating Fair Housing Act

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The Biggest Stories in American Politics This Week

She's Trying to Pull an Ocasio-Cortez. Her Target: Pete King.

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Trump Cancels Military Parade, Blaming Washington Officials for Inflating Costs

Melania Trump, a Mysterious First Lady, Weathers a Chaotic White House

Want to Be President? Just Ask Iowans

A New Film Compares Democrats to Nazis and Trump to Lincoln. At This Screening, It Was a Hit.


Cut in Two, Genoa Finds Its Political Paralysis Now Eclipsed by Shock

Omarosa Manigault Newman Releases Tape of Lara Trump's $15000-a-Month Job Offer

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Democrats Question Kavanaugh's Testimony About Bush Nominee

Manafort Jurors Ask for Definition of Reasonable Doubt

Once Dry Discussions, Cabinet Meetings Are Now Part of the Trump Show

Revoking Clearance, Trump Aims Presidential Power at Russia Inquiry

Meet the Special Counsel Team: So Careful They Won't Even Disclose Their Shake Shack Orders

Trump's Military Parade Could Cost $92 Million, Official Says

Trump wages war against New York

A New US Post to Pressure Iran, and a Stark Challenge Ahead

Melania Trump's Parents Ignite Debate Over 'Chain Migration'

'Weaponized Ad Technology': Facebook's Moneymaker Gets a Critical Eye

Andy Barr compares politics to veteran's career: 'We both served'

Little-Known Justice Dept. Official Makes Trump's Security Clearance List

Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Strikes Back After Trump Revokes His Security Clearance

Brennan says Trump's collusion denials are 'hogwash' | President practices politics of 'arf,' columnist says

Cynthia Nixon mocks Cuomo's remarks bashing America, as 'Greatgate' escalates

Trump Says Newspapers Are 'in Collusion' on Championing a Free Press

Zephyr Teachout for Attorney General of New York

Trump blasts Cuomo for saying 'America was never that great'

Pelosi Talks of 'Bridge' to New Leader as Democrats Test Her Strength

In Kentucky House Race, a Battle of Ideology vs. Résumé

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Evidence Against Manafort Is 'Overwhelming,' Prosecutors Say

DI Politics Chat: The 'N-word Tape' Tape