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7 Candidates Running For City Council Seat

Another Candidate Looks to Replace Jimmy Vacca

By Robert Press

POLTICS- The field in the race to replace Jimmy Vacca in the City Council is getting even more crowded. Another candidate has joined the growing list of political hopefuls for the 13th Council District.

Egidio Sementilli has announced that he is a candidate in the much crowded race. Mr. Sementilli is known for being a politically active businessman, who ran for the 13th district the last time it was an open seat in 2005.

Sementilli may have made his announcement in a high-tech way through social media (he annouced on Facebook), but he is going old school to get the word out. The Bronx Voice has spied Sementilli outside the Greek Feast as well as supermarkets and other local stores to obtain petitions to get on the ballot. He is also seen discussing the issues affecting the district.

Before the election season Sementilli had gained attention fighting a homeless shelter in a former Pelham Bay hospital. He also drew media attention for pointing out a shoddy shack at the Pelham Bay train station that was raining down metal spikes onto the sidewalk. 

Sementilli joins Assemblyman Mark Gjonaj, City Island and community leader John Doyle, Marjorie Velazquez-Lynch, Alex Gomez, Muhammad Abuhaikal, and Republican John Cerini. Former police officer and firefighter John Marano recently dropped out.


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